#SdBulliesPiglet x Yummy

DOB: 04/21/2018

Blue Fawn Pied Male

Pilsner is a very fun loving energetic boy. He loves being adventurous and silly. Was last seen laying in the water bowl cooling down.  As much as he loves exploring, he is also very loving. Once picked up, he’ll just melt in your arms. 


We we can see Pilsner thriving most in a household with existing pets. He is very social and is noticeably more energetic when he has a playmate.   Don’t have other pets at home? We’ve got plenty of pups for you to take home two 😉


Merle English Bulldogs

These English babies are the definition of fun loving. They have only three things on their minds: play, eat and sleep; rinse and repeat.  Warning: only come and see them if you are serious about adding them to your home because you will absolutely fall in love with them. 

DOB: 04/26/2018

SDBulliesThunder x SDBulliesBijou

Buttons - Lilac Merle Tri Female

Duchess - Blue Merle Tri Female  

Cammy - Blue Merle Tri Pied Female

Lilac Lovers

DOB: 04/26/2018

SDBulliesPiglet x SDBulliesIvy

Opal - Lilac Pied Female

Royal - Lilac Male

Gemma - Lilac Pied Female

Black Pied

DOB: 05/05/2018

#SDBulliesTeddy x #SDBulliesRuby

Zorro- Black Pied Male: Three Black marking over eyes and tail



Burger is a sweetheart. She has spent the last 2+ months at the Bullies Lounge socializing with dogs and puppies of all sorts of ages and sizes. Very well tempered and loves playing with water.

Blue Brindle Female

#SDBullies Curly x #SDBulliesGunner

DOB: 02/19/18