Fluffy Frenchies!

DOB: 05/05/18

Scooter - Male Brindle Pied - Scooter is a mini fluffy frenchie. He’s expected to be under 20 lbs full grown. He’s the sweetest boy and had the cutest little bark.  He also does great poses for the camera!

Cooper the black brindle has been sold.  

Merle English Bulldogs

These English babies are the definition of fun loving. They have only three things on their minds: play, eat and sleep; rinse and repeat.  These bulldogs are hilarious to watch. They're big, they're floppy, they're clumsy and they're non-stop. Warning: only come and see them if you are serious about adding them to your home because you will absolutely fall in love with them. 

DOB: 04/26/2018

SDBulliesThunder x SDBulliesBijou

Buttons - Lilac Merle Tri Female - Buttons is a bulldozer.  She loves being the center of attention and always wants to be in your lap.  She would bulldoze her way to make sure she's front and center.  Then she'll look up at you with that sweet sweet face!

Lilac Lovers

DOB: 04/26/2018

SDBulliesPiglet x SDBulliesIvy

Opal - Lilac Pied Female - Opal is a sweetheart. She is very cuddly and gentle.  She will be a petit girl. We're expecting her to be <20 lbs full grown. 

Royal - Lilac Female - Royal is very energetic.  She loves being the center of attention and loves giving kisses.