I have been yearning for a dog for years. I was not able to have one because of my living situation; however, my husband surprised me with my fur-child, Booboo. I have been over to their (SD Bullies) place several times and fell in love with a Frenchie that looked like a small teddy bear. Having done research already, Tyler, Kyle and Tay really have the best knowledge and opinions when it comes to their dogs. Not only are they just dogs and pets, but they are a part of their heart. They truly pour their lives into their dogs and it really shows. It shows in the health, looks, personalities of these Frenchies and I have not met a dog from SD Bullies that I did not like. Their kennel is top notch and really made into a play mansion for these pups. You can tell by the way they talk about their dogs that this is their life. Just follow their Instagram or Facebook and you'll see the love and care that's put into not only these dogs, but the ones they rescue too. Booboo is the love of my life and has made the quality of my life so much better. He is the funniest, sweetest, little furbaby I have ever had. I receive compliments about him all the time and I have to make extra time wherever I go because I get stopped so much. His personality is the best thing in the world and his good looks and charms are just a bonus. SD Bullies have always been so prompt and caring to answer my questions throughout the years. Best. People. Ever. We love SD Bullies! I don't know what I'd do without my Booboo. Thank you!

-<3 Jinna, Mike and Booboo

San Diego, CA

"We started looking for a French Bulldog breeder back in October 2011. We wanted to give our daughter a puppy for Christmas. We live in Las Vegas and had no luck in finding a breeder locally that we were comfortable with. So we began looking relentlessly online. The amount of scams and bad breeders was a little overwhelming and discouraging. We thought it may be impossible to trust someone with a deposit whom we'd probably not get a chance to meet first. One night while we were up looking online we came across SD Bullies. Everything we saw online seemed legit and the dogs looked amazing. The next morning my husband called Tyler and found out they had a few available around the time we wanted to get one. It seemed too good to be true. He sent us a video, emailed us updates on how the puppy we chose was doing, etc. We found out the puppy may not be ready to leave in time for Christmas but Tyler went out of his way and photographed the litter with a Christmas theme and we were able to give that to our daughter on Christmas morning. Initially it was important for us to have this puppy for her on time but it was more important that he was ready to leave and was eating well enough which was Tyler's priority which reassured us even more so that this was a breeder that cared about the health and well being of their puppies. Our puppy ended up being ready the day after so we got in the car that day and went to San Diego to pick up the little guy. Tyler gave us feeding recommendations that we still follow so we can keep that SD Bully style! Buster is a healthy, active and absolutely adorable puppy. We could not be happier and are so thankful we found SD Bullies."
-The Cardenas Family
Henderson, NV

We were looking for a French Bulldog and heard from friends that SD Bullies had the best looking dogs, so we checked them out. As soon as we met up with Tyler to look at puppies we could tell how much love everyone at SD Bullies has for the dogs and that they were family to them. The amount of love and attention all the dogs get at SD Bullies is incredible. We brought our puppy Bronx home Nov 2011 and we instantly fell in love with him. Not only was our puppy adorable but he is so smart, healthy and has a wonderful temperament. Tyler is always there to answer any questions we have, big or small. We are very proud of our SD Bully Bronx and proud to be part of the SD Bullies family. 
-April & Vincent Capaccio Family
San Diego, CA.

These breeders are Awesome they  know what they are doing and talking about. I got my Frenchie a year ago and he's healthy, smart, playful, loving, and caring. Any questions or concerns we had, we would email them and Kyle would response quickly with a answer or solution. Don't hesitate doing business with SDBullies. 

-Steven Lozano

Los Angeles, CA

We started to look for a french bulldog after much research and deciding that breed would best fit our lifestyle. We happened to come across SDbullies on Instagram and immediately fell in love with their dogs and the way they cared for their animals. We were fortunate enough to be able to get our French bulldog, Mighty, from SDbullies early 2015 and could not be happier! Since day one, Mighty has brought so much joy to our lives. He's such a happy, loving little guy. The SDbullies family was so nice and caring when we went to go first see Mighty, and their facilities are so well kept and maintained it only guaranteed us that we were making the right decision. We constantly receive compliments on Mighty and are always asked where we got him from. I would definitely recommend SDbullies to anyone who is looking to add a beautiful quality bulldog into their lives. Mighty turns 1 November 2015 and we look forward to many more years with him. We would like to thank SDbullies for the love they have for their profession and how passionate they feel towards the care for their animals and all the work that is put into each and every dog. 

Thank you! 
Brittney & Steven & Mighty
Los Angeles, CA

Hello my name is jeanne and about a month ago we got our amazing new family member ruka! She is a grand daughter of beastro and daughter of derp. She has the most amazing temperament with my girls who are 4 yrs and 7 months. My 4yr old Lilah when she was 1 was attacked by a chow and almost lost her eye, so as you can imagine we have been very cautious in our search for a dog. Ruka is not only beautiful  but so loving with my girls. We couldn't have found a better fit than her for our family. Thank you for the opportunity to own such an amazing dog, everyday we educate people about her breed and hopefully stop the negative stigma.

Jeanne Watson

If you're looking to not only get a new pet for your family but also join another really awesome family, you need to check out SD Bullies. I co-own my dog #sdbulliesstella with them. They guarantee their dogs which is really important but they also put all the time, love, energy and money into breeding these fur babies. When I got Stella from them, I had so many questions about my new baby but Kyle, Tay and Ty were always there to answer questions. Kyle offers boarding so you know your baby is taken care
of if you ever need to go out of town, and she grooms too! Having a co-own, my Stella will carry litters for them so when she was ready to give birth, Stella would have to stay with them for a few weeks but Jesus took great care or her and her pups and let me visit anytime I wanted which made me feel much better. Now Stella is back home and happy and we can't wait to go to the SD Bullies Halloween party. SD bullies is my family now and I'm so glad I met them.

-Jackie Carreon

San Diego, CA